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About St.Joseph Medical Corp.

St. Joseph Medical was founded for the sole purpose of improving the daily lives of millions of diabetics.  From a very young age the founder witnessed the tremendous struggles of his mother on a daily basis, not only with medications but also with insulin irregularities, constant finger pricking and finding the proper nutrition. 

He watched diabetes control every aspect of his mother’s daily life until it finally took her life at the age of 56. Unfortunately, the genetic history of diabetes didn’t end with her and the founder himself was diagnosed with this most detrimental disease less than 5 years after.  

Having come from the healthcare industry, diabetes management became his focus, and the discovery of the continuous glucose monitoring system revolutionized his day-to-day diabetes management.

His mission became clear; to find and deliver the most effective diabetes management tools to the most vulnerable and make them available to everyone.  After all, DIABETES SHOULD NOT MANAGE YOUR LIFE, YOU SHOULD MANAGE YOUR DIABETES!

Our Mission

St. Joseph Medical’s mission is to continually provide the highest quality service to our patients while cultivating an atmosphere where our staff members can thrive. Our organization will always aim to provide great service to our patients with the utmost integrity and honor. It is St. Joseph Medical’s objective to uphold our mission of reliability and uprightness especially during times of national crisis and public vulnerability.

Our Vision

St. Joseph Medical envisions a world in which the most vulnerable people will have the power to lift themselves out of disparity and to create vital, healthy lives for their families and communities now and for the future, that is why we do our best to deliver quality care that makes life a little easier.