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Diabetic Products

Trusted products to help ease your life with Diabetes

St. Joseph Medical carries a wide array line of diabetic products to aid in easing your life. We are committed to offering the very best diabetes products along with cutting edge technology.

The Systems We Trust to Help You.

FreeStyle Libre 3

Introducing the FreeStyle Libre 3 – the world’s smallest, most discreet sensor, designed to revolutionize your monitoring experience…

Dexcom G7

Meet the Dexcom G7   – your companion in seamless diabetes management. Enjoy real-time glucose readings, delivered directly…

Other Products Offered

Dexcom G6

FreeStyle Libre 2

FreeStyle Libre 14-Day Sensors

We are happy to provide our patients with FREE Diabetic Accessories to ease their lives.

Currently available: FreeStyle Neo Test Strips, Skin Prep Alcohol Wipes, Sensor Protective Skin Grips and Diabetic Socks.